NginX Auto Installer PHP HHVM MySQL (LNMP) v2.1

This version is still beta, means the code is still a bit mess, the docs hasn’t created yet, but it can be used as production (with your own tweaks and settings of course). For the previous version (without HHVM) please check NginX Auto Installer v2.0.

Supported Linux Distro

Currently CentOS is not yet supported because they don’t have official prebuilt version. Later it will be added with prebuilt package from community (unofficial).

Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty

Debian 7 Wheezy

This script requires root access and fresh / clean install of Linux distros mentioned above.

How to install
Download – Unpack – Make Executable – Run The Script!

As easy as typing words, as pleasant as waiting for your lover…


Your lover has finally come…


Download NginX Auto Installer (included HHVM)

Full installation doc & release